Monday, October 6, 2008

  1. I was born in 1974...
  2. Coventry, UK.
  3. At 19 I moved to Canada for a year...
  4. ...and at 31 I moved back to the UK.
  5. I've lived away from Canada for 3.5 years, and I really miss it.
  6. I am the eldest of 3 girls,
  7. ..and at 5'6" I am also the shortest.
  8. I became a parent at 30.
  9. I am a musician right down to my toes, but I don't play the guitar despite many years of half-hearted attempts.
  10. I do play lots of other things like the clarinet, the recorder, and the Djembe.
  11. I experienced 10 months of post natal depression after the birth my second son
  12. I'm an awful speller
  13. I'm political, and sometimes outspoken.
  14. I value clarity, logic and thoughtfulness.
  15. I don't drink tea, unless social convention requires...
  16. ...and I never drink coffee.
  17. My eggs need to be cooked solid.
  18. I am often self conscious
  19. I'm an INTJ and I love to make lists. See?
  20. I almost always carry a camera
  21. and I secretly dream of being a professional photographer.
  22. I wear a lot of black.
  23. and I always need a pair of mid-calf boots and boot cut jeans in my life.
  24. I hate being scared at the movies.
  25. Fall is my favourite season
  26. I'm a good swimmer
  27. I have a tendency to over analyse.
  28. I'm trying to do better.
  29. I love to debate and challenge,
  30. but a pet peeve is when people decide to circum navigate the rules for their own benefit.
  31. Kate isn't short for anything.
  32. I truly feel that the much of the world has outrageous expectations of women
  33. and not high enough expectations of childrens ability
  34. I'm an ideas girl, and sometimes have a hard time creating what I see in my head.
  35. I love to camp, but I'm really afraid of bears.
  36. I once slept in a tent with a frying pan under my pillow (see above..)
  37. I'm bad at maintaining long distance relationships, and its credit to my friends that they stay just that.
  38. I'm just not a pet person.
  39. I love the colour sage green. See the couch, kitchen wall, foot stool, bedroom curtains....
  40. The wisest person in my life is my 4 year old son, but its close.
  41. My first job was picking strawberries. I was 15. I earned £1.73p, which was less than the bus fare home.
  42. I didn't learn to type until I was 27.
  43. I have travelled a lot, and every step has taught me.
  44. Being a long way away from home often makes me feel uncertain and sorta agoraphobic, but I make myself do it anyway.
  45. I am conscious of my environmental and social footprint.
  46. I challenge anyone who champions anarchy to live in a Somali refugee camp, as I have.
  47. I really, really love 'The West Wing'
  48. I love the idea of living remotely in the country, but in reality I need the city, or at least the town.
  49. I never felt the need for much rebellion as a teenager.
  50. One of my proudest accomplishments is giving birth to my second son in water, with no pain relief.
  51. Both my boys have middle names chosen for authors we admire. Ivan and Thomas. Points for anyone who can guess who for...?
  52. We choose to co-sleep with our 1 yr old, and when ever he wants with our 4 yr old too. Its crowded but worth it.
  53. I have never had a filling
  54. nor broken a bone
  55. I did however get my nose pierced in a village in Malaysia in 1995. I still wear a nose ring.
  56. I love white walls.
  57. I have never finished a chapstick. They always get lost first.
  58. As I write this the town I live in is in the grip of the first real snow for 25 years. 4 inches. Total chaos.
  59. I'm a teacher. I split my time between pre-schoolers /Kindergarten and university students studying pre-schoolers. Same strategies often work for both.

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daydreamymama said...

I like lists too. And yours made me laugh and wish I had the time this week to make my own...